Old Thoughts New Thoughts


I’ve been trying to bring myself to a commit to a regular posting of writings alongside doings, a practice inspired by my friend Charlotte.  To start me off I found something I wrote a while ago while working with her which strikes a cord with me now:

The idea that in performance there is something to ‘‘get’, to understand and that somehow the idea of ‘’getting it’ means that you’ve attained it, you’ve arrived.  This as opposed to the idea that art can be an experience.  However you experience the work or respond is perfect.  Linking to the material which is named ‘getting somewhere’ which is essentially about not getting anywhere, stasis, attempt and retreat.  The future is a mirage that disappears when we arrive.  Something held at arms length.  Arrival and departure are always back to back.  The strength in pausing, not stopping or dropping.  Visually framing material, allowing you to ‘see’.

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